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Christina Evans

Director of Marketing / Specification Sales



Christina is excited to be a part of the LightSpek team and help illuminate North Texas! Christina has a passion for working with innovative minded people in all aspects of life. Graduating early from Liberty University, with a solid marking foundation, was the stepping stone she needed to begin a successful career in the lighting industry.  While consulting for two years in Market Research, she quickly realized that she had a passion for creativity and was masterful at marketing analytics’. This experience has allowed for her to better see aspects of LightSpek that need to be showcased and brought to light. Transitioning to the lighting community, her sales and marketing career is off to an incredible start as she is always committed to help resolve any issue and making sure that all LightSpek events, campaigns, and projects run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Residing in Plano, she is honored and delighted to be a part of the extraordinary LightSpek team and committed to her own personal growth and to the growth of our organization. Her creativity, leadership, her passion for marketing, drive, motivation, astute problem-solving skills, and attention to detail makes her a valuable addition to the growing LightSpek team.