Kalynn Weiss




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Kalynn, a recognized lighting designer and entrepreneur, brings over 30 years of experience in the industry to LightSpek. Kalynn began her career with Tully Weiss Lighting Design in 1981. Kalynn teamed with her husband to create designs for residences, commercial spaces, sound studios, schools, galleries, and office buildings in North Texas.  They also designed numerous exterior projects with many well-known and respected local and internationally known architects and designers.

After a six-year sabbatical in Colorado, Kalynn and her husband returned to Dallas to form Switch Lighting Design, which was a very successful lighting design firm working with premiere architects in town.  In 2000, Kalynn joined ERCO as a Southern Regional VP expanding the ERCO foot print throughout the entire United States, and then five years later moved to Litelab, where she gained expertise as the Western Regional VP specializing in Museums and Retail Lighting Design working with the top Lighting Designers throughout the country.  

After two years at BAM helping form the spec group, Kalynn left to launch LightSpek with her colleague Tejal Thakur.  Kalynn’s broad expertise in the lighting business offers LightSpek’s customer’s confidence that she is helping them select the highest quality equipment for their project with the lowest possible price to stay in their budget.

Kalynn lives near White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas with her husband. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking exquisite meals, making beautiful modern quilts, and loving on her sweet Bull Dog, Tootie. She is a woman who has an eye for impeccable style and a passion for true DESIGN.