Tejal Vyas Thakur

Founder/ Principal / Sales



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With a passion and drive for entrepreneurship and over 18 years of experience, proven leadership, and award winning sales in the North Texas lighting industry, Tejal had a vision to create a company that could leverage her industry knowledge and strong partnerships to deliver a unique, customized lighting specification process for her customers.

Tejal found her passion for lighting shortly after graduating from Texas A&M University, where she received her B.S. in Environmental Design in the College of Architecture. Within 5 years, Tejal was recognized for her success in direct sales in the lighting industry, servicing the entire design community of North Texas. After 7 years at Philips Lighting, Tejal broadened her knowledge and leadership capabilities working at notable firms including Bouyea & Associates, Hossley Lighting, and LumenPulse. She was one of the very first lighting designers to receive her LC certifcation in 2000. Tejal is currently serving on the IESNA PRC Committee, (Progress Committee) reviewing the latest technological and innovative advances within the lighting industry.

As Founder and Principal at LightSpek, Tejal understands that knowledge of emerging technology and lighting innovations is essential to effectively support the design and architecture industries. Tejal has built lasting relationships with area lighting designers, engineers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, account representatives, and facility managers to deliver unique, innovative, and cost-effective lighting solutions. Her goal is to help create an artistic and beautiful space for her customer with the end result in mind. Often, great architecture and design are not discernible without purposeful lighting. Her passion for lighting and understanding of products can help you transform any space.

Tejal believes that she was destined to be in the lighting industry as β€œTej” is the root word in the Indian Sanskrit text for light, lustrous, radiant, and exhibiting brightness. Today, Tejal resides in Plano, Texas with her husband Kartik and children Jay Arjun (10) and Shivani Rose (12). She is dedicated to her family and friends, and believes we all have an obligation to give back to our community and those in need.